Pre-course Information and Cancellation Policy 

Practical Sessions/ Medical History

All students are expected to act as models for the practical sessions. 

In their care of the students, a past medical history form will be sent to you to be completed and brought to the course.  Information supplied will be treated confidentially among the faculty and forms are returned or shredded at the end of the course.


All students are responsible for arranging full professional indemnity insurance which covers them for the country in which they are studying and for the full duration of the course. The SCCO reserves the right to withhold admittance to any student not adequately insured.

Sharing - Fellow Student contacts

SCCO are often asked if contact details could be shared with other students attending a course. If you do not wish for your name and email address to be shared with others attending Module … please reply to this email with a ‘do not share my details’ message.


If you are unable to attend the course due to unforeseen circumstances please ring the specific course venue. 


A refund of (non-deposit) fees paid can be made up to six weeks before the course commences.

Please note that your deposit payment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a course the deposit can be transferred to another SCCO course at our discretion and cannot be moved repeatedly. If you wish to request a move of your deposit you will need to decide to which course it should be moved at the time of the original cancellation. Should the SCCO have to cancel a course, any fees paid will be returned in full. Other costs you may have incurred - e.g. travel, accommodation - unfortunately cannot be reimbursed.

Supply of documents

As there is no postal or banking service at the office we prefer electronic transactions. A standard handling fee of £4 / €5 applies to items requiring postage or branch banking, with item-specific banking, postage and packing costs in addition.

Payment methods

Payment by bank transfer is preferred. Personal credit and debit card payments can be made without charge. A small additional charge of £10 may be made for payments by Cheque, Amex, PayPal or Business, Corporate or Commercial Visa and MasterCard