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We now take payments for all our courses in Euros.

If you would like to be able to book and pay for your course in this way, please either email or call our Administrator on +44 (0)1453 767607 who will be able to book your course and give you details of how to pay.

The SCCO Pathway

Module 1: Foundation Course

Start your journey along our Pathway with this introduction to the anatomy and the function of the cranium, sacrum and related structures. Perfect for anyone wanting to discover more about Sutherland’s principal concepts.

Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Our flagship course! - This 40-hour Osteopathy in the Cranial Field course is an overview of the whole cranial concept, covering all the key areas, and includes treatment approaches that you can use immediately in practice. Each topic is then developed in more details in the other courses on the pathway.

Module 3: Osteopathic Medicine

Are we as familiar with the internal milieu of organs and systems as we are with the musculoskeletal? This truly holistic course returns to the legacies of Still, Sutherland and Littlejohn to place us on the “rock of reason” and instil confidence in treating a wide range of conditions; ultimately broadening and inspiring our approach to clinical practice.

Module 4: Balanced Ligamentous Tension

This course is an excellent way to introduce working with the involuntary mechanism into your clinical practice. You will learn Sutherland’s gentle, precise and effective approach to treatment of joints in the whole body using the therapeutic principle of Balanced Ligamentous Tension.

Module 5: In Reciprocal Tension

Sutherland advised us to “treat the spaces not the structures”. What did he mean by this? Develop your palpatory awareness of whole body interconnectedness, discover the secrets of the body’s structural integrity and explore how this may influence treatment of your patients.

Module 6: Living, Breathing Bone

This course explores the effects of trauma with respect to the wonders of bone, sutures and joints throughout the body from their morphogenetic origins to their liquid crystalline nature, from the macro-scale of biotensegrity in the pelvis to the quantum coherence of the specialised connective tissue itself.

Module 7: Spark in the Motor

This exciting course explores the art and science of osteopathy addressing the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and the subtle fluctuations and bioenergetic communication throughout the fluid fields of the body.

Module 8: The Functional Face

Is the face the missing link in our treatment? How does the face influence the body-wide health of our patients? In small group workshops we will re-familiarise ourselves with the intricate relationships of the facial bones, cranial nerves and special senses and together apply our osteopathic thinking to common viscero-cranial problems that we encounter in practice.

Module 9: Introduction to Paediatric Osteopathy

An Introduction to Paediatrics aims to give you a sound basis on which to build your paediatric knowledge and will prepare you to practise safely and examine your young patients with confidence and with a deeper appreciation of the extraordinary journey from embryo to childhood.

Module 10: Integrating Cranial into Practice

A one-day course aimed at helping you to integrate cranial work into your existing osteopathic practice, and to give you the confidence to communicate effectively with your patients.