Head First Conference

We are delighted to present our latest conference which this year focuses on head trauma, concussion and relevant osteopathic treatment strategies.

The conference will host a variety of speakers with different insights and experience in the field of head trauma and will feature Prof.Frank Willard and Prof. Laurie Hartman. Other speakers we have lined up include Simeon Milton (OSCA), Kok Weng Lim (FSCCO), Caroline Penn (FSCCO), Robyn Seamer and Manuela Da Rin (Aust), and Michael Harris (FSCCO).

On Saturday and Sunday afternoons delegates will be able to attend a choice of workshops led by our speakers.


This is a non-residential weekend.

Please click here for more details of how to get to W12 Conference Centre.

Course Content and Speakers

Saturday 10 June
Laurie Hartman

Professor Laurie Hartman [click for more info]

General clinical overview and Introduction: Recognising concussion, personal experience of head injury

Frank Willard

Professor Frank Willard [click for more info]

Anatomy and physiology of whiplash
Anatomy and physiology of concussion


Orianne Evans [click for more info]

Clinical insights into patients suffering from minimal traumatic brain injury

Simeon Milton

Simeon Milton DO [click for more info]

Concussion, recognising, diagnosing and protocols for base line testing and return to play

Sunday 11 June
Kok Weng Lim

Kok Weng Lim DO [click for more info] 

Case Studies Presentation

Caroline Penn

Caroline Penn DO [click for more info] 

Personal experience of head trauma and recovery

Michael Harris

Michael Harris DO [click for more info]

Post Traumatic Stress


Robyn Seamer [click for more info]
Manuela da Rin [click for more info] 

Coma following head trauma - a case history



This conference is open to any qualified osteopath.
Non-registered osteopaths and those from other professions are welcome to attend but may have restrictions for practical work.


The cost of this course is £350 for Fellows and Members, and £390 for all others.
(For single days: £200 per day for Fellows and Members, and £225 per day for all others)

(To qualify for Fellow and Member discount, your subscription must be valid for the duration of this course.)