Student Support

Student Support

Looking after you

Penny Price is an experienced faculty member who is available to answer questions and provide advice to osteopaths interested in beginning the Pathway with the Foundation Course. Penny can be contacted via email.

Regional tutorial groups

As a student of the SCCO, you can access local tutorial groups, meet other osteopaths and get guidance from experienced tutors who are passionate about this work.

Tutorial groups are tailored to that group’s personal needs. This may include practical advice on clinical problems, developing osteopathic thinking and hands on experiences. Tutorial groups have access to all SCCO resources and will help us develop the voice of osteopathy in the cranial field through our members.

Clinical observations

A personal approach for clinical observations is offered in the form of mentoring with clinical visits or 1:1 discussions with an SCCO faculty member at their own practice.

Scholarships & Bursaries

A limited number of scholarships are awarded annually for those wishing to attend Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field which are available on application and subject to approval from the scholarship panel. These awards can cover up to 50% of the non-residential course fee.

We offer scholarships in the UK, Germany and Spain for all Module 2 courses.

Should you wish to apply for a scholarship please contact Serena for UK applicants, Marianne for German applicants and Corina for Spanish applicants for an application form and the relevant deadlines (May for the UK and Spain, and September for Germany).

We are looking for students with enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to developing their skills in the cranial approach to Osteopathy. It is not necessary to have previous experience, but applicants will need to demonstrate that they have some knowledge and understanding of the approach in order to explain why they are keen to pursue studies in this area.

New Graduates

A limited number of new graduate bursaries, worth £250 off course fees, are available for any newly qualified osteopath wishing to attend Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field in either the UK, Germany or Spain. These discounts will be applied on a first-come-first-served basis and are valid for courses starting within five years of graduation or within one year of completing Module 1.


Please email the office  or call +44 (0)1453 767607 for details on all scholarships and bursaries.

Support for onward training

SCCO Pathway to Fellowship

To assist with students’ onward osteopathic training we also provide a voucher to all students of Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field worth £150 towards any other Pathway Module of three or more days’ duration valid for two years after the Module 2 taken.

Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma

Students completing Module 9: The First Year of Life will be provided with a voucher worth £150 which can be used to pay for the Diploma Access Course or used towards any Paediatric weekend workshop fees. This is also valid for two years after the Module 9 taken.

Both these vouchers do not need to be applied for as they will be supplied with the relevant course materials.

Tutor Training

The SCCO offers training to osteopaths experienced in OCF to help them develop their teaching skills. Applicants are usually selected from the Fellows of the SCCO or equivalent in experience. We offer an osteopathic education course of 6 day units, with assignments to run alongside teaching experience on our Module 2 Introduction to OCF courses. Facilitating students learning in a hands on palpatory environment requires special skills which we help future tutors develop along with their lecturing and workshop skills.

For further information contact Barbara Moulang.

Faculty development

Faculty development weekends are run annually which enable our faculty who live across the UK Ireland, America and Germany to get together and share ideas about how we teach new courses or, share information and research.

Our forthcoming faculty courses will develop skills further for teaching BLT, developing the role of the course director and studies with Rachael Brooks our American Colleague.

For detailed information contact the office on 01453 767607 or email us

Faculty Peer Support

The FPSG is a body of volunteers offering ongoing care, support and mentoring in complete confidence to any member of the faculty who is experiencing difficulties or concerns with any aspect of their teaching.

This facility, which is also open to Fellows, is a totally free service run for the benefit of Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy.

The group is led by Rowan Douglas-Mort who is mindful that however new or experienced our tutors are, most need support at some time, be it an ear to hear them, or a shoulder to lean on. She is supported by a body of volunteers with a wide range of personalities and teaching styles.

To access the Faculty Peer Support Group please contact Rowan.