Key Team

Board of Trustees:

Chair of Trustees: Mark Wilson: Lecturer & Tutor

Mark qualified from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in 1989. He currently runs a private practice in Dorset and provides osteopathic care to patients, mothers and babies in an NHS General Practice. Mark became a trustee of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy in November 2012 having been a member of the teaching faculty since 2001. He also lectures in Europe at various osteopathic institutions and conferences on paediatric osteopathy, particularly on neonatology. Together with Hilary Percival, he founded the Paediatric Osteopathic Diploma.

Treasurer and Trustee: Warwick Downes: Lecturer & Tutor

Warwick graduated from the BSO in 1989 and became involved with the Western Branch of the Sutherland Society study group at an early stage. He served on the board of GCRO in the years leading up to the GOsC's formation. He studied with the SCCO and other organisations in Britain and Europe over many years, and attended the Osteopathic Education course to become more involved with the SCCO’s work.

Trustee: José Apeztegia: Spanish Trustee, Lecturer & Tutor

José graduated from BCOM, London, in 1998 and completed his MSc at the ESO in Maidstone. He has worked in the Obstetric and Gynae unit at Quiron Hospital for ten years. José is responsible for SCCO courses run in Spain.

Trustee: David Douglas-Mort: Lecturer & Tutor

David joined the SCCO in 2008, having taught cranial work at B.S.O at postgraduate level since 1985. David began with the SCCO as a lecturer and tutor later becoming a course director in 2011 and a trustee in 2012. David took the role of Treasurer of the SCCO from 2013 to 2016.

Trustee: Eva Möckel: German Trustee, Lecturer & Tutor

Eva qualified at the European School of Osteopathy in 1991, working first in London, and since 1993 in Hamburg, Germany. She has been a teaching member of the SCCO since 1997, helping the SCCO begin teaching in Germany from 1998. She translated Sutherland’s “Teachings in the Science of Osteopathy” and “Contributions of Thought” and Becker’s “Life in Motion” into German. Together with Noori Mitha she is the editor of the “Handbook of Pediatric Osteopathy” (Churchill Livingstone, 2008). Eva has been a trustee since 2016, representing the German faculty within the SCCO.

Eva hat ihren Abschluss  an der European School of Osteopathy 1991 gemacht. Sie hat ihre Praxis erst in London und dann ab 1993 in Hamburg. Seit 1997 unterrichtet sie mit dem SCCO und hat geholfen, die Kurse seit 1998 in Deutschland anzubieten. Sie hat Sutherlands “Unterweisungen” und “Einige Gedanken” und Beckers “Leben in Bewegung” ins Deutsche übersetzt. Zusammen mit Noori Mitha ist sie die Herausgeberin des “Handbuch der paediatrischen Osteopathie”. Eva ist seit 2016 Trustee und vertritt besonders die deutsche Abteilung des SCCO.

Trustee: Mary Monro: Lecturer & Tutor

Mary graduated from the BSO in 1999, winning the Silver Medal as best student in her year. She has completed the SCCO Pathway and the seven-phase Biodynamic Osteopathy curriculum, as well as gaining an MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy. She has been a member of Faculty of the SCCO since 2007. She treats animals (mostly horses and dogs) as well as people and is a member of the Association of Animal Osteopaths. Mary’s previous career was in marketing strategy and she hopes to use this experience to help navigate the SCCO through the communications landscape.

Marketing Trustee: Pamela Vaill Carter: Lecturer & Tutor

Pamela began taking courses with the SCCO in 1997. In 2006, Pamela completed the SCCO Education course, and joined the assistant tutor scheme soon thereafter. Pamela had already been teaching at BCOM for nine years and had been a clinic tutor at the OCC for five years Pamela is now a trustee of the SCCO as well as a tutor and lecturer.

Trustee: Zenna Zwierzchowska: Lecturer & Tutor

Zenna graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1985 and has been working in private practice in North London for over 30 years. Her involvement with the SCCO goes back over 20 years, both as a student and as a lecturer and tutor. She has also taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Europe in Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Spain. She is very committed to building bridges with our international colleagues. Zenna joined the Board of the SCCO as Trustee in 2015.

Committee Chairs:

Education committee

There are 12 members of the faculty who form membership of the committee. Together they are responsible for support and learning for students, faculty and development of new courses and conferences, guided by the Trustees and student feedback.

  • Chair: Zenna Zwierzchowska
  • Faculty development is by Sibyl Grundburg DO
  • Education is by Alison Brown
  • Short course coordinator is Clare Ballard
  • Assistant tutor supervisor is Barbara Moulang

Chair of the Research Committee: Karen Carroll

Members include: Brian McKenna, Caspar Hull, Alex Corser and Mandy Banton.

Core Staff:

Chief Executive Officer: Jill Parker-Mowbray

Jill joined the college in April 2017 as Admininstrator but was promoted to CEO in March 2018. She has had a varied career within the Ministry of Defence, which included providing briefings to Defence Ministers, strategic management planning for Senior Management Boards, facilities management services across several MOD sites, HR and Training Manager roles within MOD agencies. She is a graduate and has been a chartered member of the CIPD for over 20 years. Jill manages the strategic development of the SCCO, working with the Board of Trustees and the Course Directors.
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Administrator: Serena Fisher

Serena joined the SCCO as Administrator in August 2014, managing course organisation, event planning and office operations. She is mainly in charge of course adminstration for our Pathway courses and our tutor training scheme.
Serena generally works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
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Administrator: Rachael Fry

Rachael was appointed in June 2018 and shares the role with Serena having very similar responsibilities. She is mainly in charge of course adminstration for all our short courses and the Paediatric Diploma.
Rachael generally works on Monday and Thursday.
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Marketing Officer: Carmen Chapronière

Carmen joined the College in August 2015 and manages advertising, the website, social media and communications. She also looks after College Fellow- and Memberships and produces the official SCCO magazine.
Carmen is full-time but works until 2pm on Wednesdays.
For press or media enquiries please click here to email Carmen.

Finance Officer: Corina Lange

Corina joined the College in May 2014 as Finance Manager, managing all financial planning for the College. She is also in charge of administration for all our Spanish courses.
Corina generally works Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Please click here to email Corina on financial matters.
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German Administator: Marianne Mettjes

Marianne joined the College in August 2014 as German Administrator, and handles course administration and event planning for all our German courses. 
Marianne works remotely and is based in Northern Germany.
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