Tutor Training Programme 

Assistant Tutor Scheme

The SCCO offers training to osteopaths experienced in OCF to help them develop their teaching skills. Applicants are usually selected from the Fellows of the SCCO or equivalent in experience. We offer an osteopathic education course of 6 day units, with assignments to run alongside teaching experience on our Module 2 Introduction to OCF courses. Facilitating students learning in a hands on palpatory environment requires special skills which we help future tutors develop along with their lecturing and workshop skills. 

The scheme is now closed for applications. For further information contact Barbara Moulang bjmoulang@gmail.com 

Faculty development

Faculty development weekends are run annually which enable our faculty who live across the UK Ireland, America and Germany to get together and share ideas about how we teach new courses or, share information and research.

Our forthcoming faculty courses will develop skills further for teaching BLT, developing the role of the course director and studies with Rachael Brooks our American Colleague. If you have any suggestions or requests for faculty training, please contact Sibyl Grundburg. sg@thenewriver.plus.com

For detailed information contact the office on 01453 767607 or email us