Biodynamic Embryology

Biodynamic Embryology

Understanding the origins of our anatomy

Foetus in utero

Jane Easty and Henry Klessen will be jointly presenting an exploration of the clinical application of biodynamic embryology for patients of all ages.

The growth dynamics and morphogenesis of the embryo can reveal and inform a profound understanding of the tissues under our hands.

The works of Erich Blechschmidt, Raymond Gasser PhD and Professor Brian Freeman, among others, will be used as a wonderful resource in developing this relationship. Static anatomy will be expanded into spatiotemporal kinetic morphogenesis.

The course will consist of two parts.

Part One will present two days of lectures and practicals at Hawkwood College, led by Jane Easty. We will explore many different growth dynamics found useful in osteopathic practice; from the otic placode to the ventromedial ligament, from the somites to the urogenital fold and beyond.

Part Two will take place six months later in Göttingen, led by Henry Klessen. Two days will be split between visiting the Blechschmidt and Blumbach Collections at the University to discuss some of the 60 incredibly detailed largescale 3D embryo reconstructions. The remaining time will be spent at the Best Western Hotel Am Papenberg for lectures, practicals and discussion. Henry will explore the journey to walking upright, combining medical knowledge with the principles of human differentiation and their connection with osteopathic principles. Part 2 will be supported by Professor Schultz of Göttingen University.

In conclusion we hope those attending will find the beautiful fluid interaction of embryonic tissues responding to the needs of adjacent physiology in order to meet the growing demands of the whole embryo absolutely awe inspiring. A fluid harmony and true cooperation within the whole mechanism – an osteopathic aspiration that deepens our ability to connect with the regenerative powers of these forces.

As Arthur Diekman said, “Structure is a slow process of long duration.”

Eligibility: Module 2 + 2 other Pathway courses **
Location: Hawkwood, STROUD
Price: Pt 1: *£390 (non-res) *£490 (res)
Duration: 2 days (across 3 Days)
CPD: 16 hours (each course)
Frequency: Exclusive
Leader: Jane Easty (UK), Henry Klessen (DE)

*Discount available to paid Members and Fellows
**Or equivalent cranial experience.

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What our students said about the Blechschmidt Museum in Göttingen

As this is a new course, we include what our students thought about the Blechschmidt exhibition a visit to which forms part of the second portion of this course.

The Blechschmidt collection – extraordinary, moving, tender.

It was lovely to be able to see Blechschmidt’s models of embryos , really amazing.

[I really enjoyed] The models – seeing the embryology in 3D.

The models of embryos were fantastic.