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The respiratory system adapts to the post natal environment and grows in proportion to the rest of the body. The whole system makes huge changes peri-nataly and in the first few years of life. This is also the system that gets sick frequently with colds and viruses.

Understanding how we can access the anatomy and therefore the physiology may be of great importance to a child’s comfort and health. Significant changes in the respiratory system continue for the first few years. During this time it is vulnerable to infection. Osteopathic understanding of the changing anatomy and physiology facilitates access with frequent benefit to the child.

It is expected that you are already treating children in your own practice. A current DBS certificate and Safeguarding of Children level 2 or above (or equivalent from the country in which you reside and practice) is required; a copy of which should be supplied to our office.

Eligibility: Completion of Module 9
Location: Hawkwood, STROUD
Duration: 2 days
CPD: 16 hours
Frequency: Every 2 years
Leader: Hilary Percival & Mark Wilson

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What our students say about P5: Respiratory & Cardiology

“The best POD weekend so far. I think this should become the model of all the weekends – a HUGE subject condensed into ‘need to know’ bullet points with quality references to follow up if interested with lots of guided practical.”

“Best weekend so far. Excellent, inspiring and clear teaching and felt that I came away with some concrete techniques that I could use straight away.”

“Best weekend to date. Lectures had a nice progression and cohesion across both days.”