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  • M1: Foundation Course

    4 – 5 JULY 2020BATH, UK
    Perfect for anyone curious about the anatomy and function of these areas and would like to discover more about the five…

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  • P0: Diploma Access Day

    4 SEPTEMBER 2020STROUD, UKThis single day introduces the Diploma and is an essential first step to completing the Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma.

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  • P4: Neurology II

    5 – 6 SEPTEMBER 2020 STROUD, UK
    The second neurology weekend considers possible osteopathic explanations to the aetiologies of behavioural/sociological problems encountered in childhood.

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  • M5: In Reciprocal Tension

    19 – 21 FEBRUARY 2021STROUD, UK
    Develop your palpatory awareness of whole body interconnectedness, discover the secrets of the body’s structural integrity and explore how this may…

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  • M7: Spark in the Motor

    25 – 27 JUNE 2021 STROUD, UK
    This  exciting course explores the art and science of osteopathy addressing the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and the subtle fluctuations and…

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