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M1: Foundation Course


28 – 29 AUGUST 2021 LONDON, UK
Discover the anatomy above the atlanto-occipital joint and what influence the head, neck and pelvis structures may have on the rest of the body in this introduction to the five principles of osteopathy as developed by William G Sutherland.
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Our Foundation course is perfect for anyone who is curious about the anatomy and function and would like to discover more about the five principles of osteopathy as developed by William G Sutherland.

Enjoy the high quality tutoring for which the SCCO is renowned in a student to tutor ratio of 4:1. This enables individual tuition and guidance as you learn to palpate and interpret what you feel. Each day includes a balance of theory and practical sessions, with regular breaks, to facilitate learning and minimise fatigue. There will be time for discussion about how you might apply this new perspective to patients you see everyday in practice.

A pre-course home-study package is provided in order to maximise time for practicals and learning.

Course Content

Each topic is followed by a practical session, to gradually develop your confidence in centering and monitoring throughout the course.

  • Introduction to Sutherland’s five principles
  • Basic overview of embryology and why it is relevant to this work.
  • Anatomy and function of the reciprocal tension membrane
  • Bony anatomy of cranial base and vault, and review of landmarks of the cranium
  • Sacrum and pelvis
  • The fluid body
  • Basic anatomy of the face, landmarks.

Zusätzliche Information

Course Director:

Pamela Vaill Carter


Open to any qualified osteopath

Event Details

Start date: 28/08/2021

End date: 29/08/2021

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Crista Galli, London

Coordinates: 51.5181285,-0.1888906000000361