M4: Balanced Ligamentous Tension


4 – 8 MAY 2023 STROUD, UK
This course is an excellent way to introduce working with the involuntary mechanism into your clinical practice. You will learn Sutherland’s gentle, precise and effective approach to treatment of joints in the whole body using the therapeutic principle of Balanced Ligamentous Tension.

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This course is the perfect bridge between so-called ‘structural’ and ‘cranial’ osteopathy and offers a unique opportunity to fine-tune your palpatory and therapeutic skills in a supportive environment.

The diagnostic and treatment principle explored here was learned by William Sutherland under the hands of AT Still when he was a student. In his words “Dr Still has taken my hand into his and allowed me to feel the lesion as it exaggerated and then as the ligaments pulled the bones back into place”. WG Sutherland, in turn, taught Anne Wales DO who passed it on to members of our faculty.

We will explore, often with astonishment, what WG Sutherland meant by “Using the powers within the patient’s body”, applying the therapeutic principle of balanced tension in every part of the body.  We will explore how we may use the skeleton as a ‘handle’ to enhance the spatial and circulatory environment of the vital organs, and how the lymphatics may be enlivened through moving the fascia.

Many osteopaths have found that their cranial palpation improves after taking this course as does their confidence, effectiveness and enjoyment in practice. It was working in this way with the joints of the body that led WG Sutherland develop and apply the same principle on a much finer scale working with the membranous articular mechanism of the cranium.

This approach is rooted in the origins of osteopathy, and may provide a foundation for the participant to extend the boundaries of what he or she believed was possible through osteopathy.

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Course Director:

Susan Turner


Open to all qualified osteopaths.

Event Details

Start date: 04/05/2023

End date: 08/05/2023

Start time: 16:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Hawkwood College

Coordinates: 51.75721859999999,-2.2095527000000175