SCCO Magazin, Sommer 2012 (Englisch)


SCCO Magazine, Issue 34

Summer 2012 – Keep It Pure

Edited by John Lewis


Content Highlights

  • The Scope of Osteopathy by Stuart Korth
  • Ineffective, Unscientific, Magical Thinkers by Jo Wildy
  • Osteopathy: A sometimes bloody union by Zachary Comeaux
  • Zen and the Art of Osteopathy by Robin Kirk
  • Denslow and Korr by John Lewis
  • Osteopathy Treats All Diseases by Mervyn Waldman
  • Bedside Treatment of Infectious Diseases by Mervyn Waldman
  • Keep It Pure Boys by Martin Grundy
  • A GP Investigates Osteopathy’s Effectiveness by Laura Hollingworth
  • The Value of Research by Clive Hayden
  • Lois’s Story by Joyce Wilkinson

…plus case studies and reports from around the SCCO.