SCCO Magazin, Sommer 2015 (Englisch)


SCCO Magazine, Issue 38

Autumn 2015 – What is the foundation for health? The relationships between Osteopathy and Dentistry

Edited by John Silverstone


Content Highlights

  • Neurocranium & Sacrum & Dentistry by Jane Easty
  • Osteopathy & Occlusion by Caroline Penn
  • Reciprocal Tension & Dentistry by Michael Harris
  • Developing Occlusion by Hilary Percival
  • Bell’s Palsy (Case Study) by Louise Hull
  • The Palate & Hearing by Clive Hayden
  • The Neuroendocrine-Immune System by Pamela Vaill Carter
  • Tide & Stillness by Peter Armitage

…plus course reviews and updates and reports from around the College and celebrating 21 years of the SCCO.