SCCO Magazin, Sommer 2020 (Englisch)


SCCO Magazine, Issue 42

Summer 2020 – Osteopathic thoughts & reflections on the impact of Coronavirus

Edited by Dorothy Smith & Louisa Henderson


Content Highlights

  • Thoughts on COVID-19 by Orianne Evans
  • Exploring Acute Respiratory Distress by Mark Wilson
  • Treatment of a 9-year-old girl with suspected COVID-19 by Lotte Brath Jensen
  • Immune Response Phases and Tissue Quality During Infection by Tajinder Deoora
  • Thoughts on Lung Development by Jane Easty
  • Corona 2020: The Year of Perfect Vision by Mary Bolingbroke
  • Cerebral Overload by Lotte Brath Jensen, Alison R. Brown, Stephan Cameron & Abigail Miller
  • What Makes Us Osteopaths:? Thoughts on Our Osteopathic Lineage by Orianne Evans
  • Osteopathic Support for the Immune System Throughout Life by Susan Turner
  • Emotions & Our Response to Trauma by Michael Harris

…plus research, case studies, course reviews and more – as well as updates and reports from around the SCCO