SCCO Magazin, Sommer 2021 (Englisch)


SCCO Magazine, Issue 43

Summer 2021 – Remembering Colin Dove / Special feature on Immunity

Edited by Dorothy Smith & Louisa Henderson


Special Feature on Immunity

Content Highlights

  • Remembering Colin Dove by Nicholas Handle
  • Immunity: An Osteopathic Viewpoint by Susan Allen
  • A Reappraisal of the Common Compensatory Pattern by Kok Weng Lim
  • Approaching the Immune System from an Embryological Perspective by Jane Easty
  • Host-Microbiota and the Immune System by Laurence Fourdrignier
  • A. T. Still’s Conception of Immunity by Michael Thys
  • Evaluation of Immune Activation by Tajinder Deoora
  • The Essential World of Oxygen by Clive Hayden
  • A New View of the Sacro-Iliac Joint by Lotte Brath Jensen
  • M.U.R.K.I.E. Learning by Alison Brown
  • Making Sense of Cranial Osteopathy by Mandy Banton

…plus obituaries for James Jealous, Piers Chandler and Lynn Louis, book reviews and more – as well as updates and reports from around the SCCO