Mrs Catherine Rosewell

A major part of Catherine’s work is treating pregnant women, babies and children. She enjoys using osteopathy to support the maternal muscular skeletal changes that must occur as the baby develops; helping to avoid or resolve rib, neck, back and pelvic pain, while preparing Mum’s body for delivery.

Catherine’s osteopathic treatment can gently but powerfully help to relieve the stress and strain of birth for both Mum and Baby, enabling them to settle comfortably to feed, sleep and play. Unsettled babies with digestive problems, feeding difficulties and poor sleep can all be helped. Osteopathy can continue to support the muscular skeletal challenges that growing up and being active place on the developing child. Catherine always advises parents to bring in their children for a checkup as the reach developmental milestones to ensure all is progressing well.

It was Catherine’s own experience of the power of osteopathic treatment to relieve aches and pains from work related physical stress that led her to retrain as an osteopath. Subsequently in her osteopathic practice she has found that prolonged standing or sitting perhaps combined with computer, telephone, musical instrument or equipment use often results in strains and postural problems that can cause headaches, backache, neck and arm pains, all of which are amenable to osteopathic treatment. Catherine can provide ergonomic and exercise advice.

Some of her patients have suffered symptoms for many years before seeking osteopathic help. Catherine finds it particularly satisfying working with these patients to help them regain and maintain their mobility. Catherine uses gentle osteopathic treatment that relieves arthritic or rheumatic pain enabling patients to engage more in their favourite activities and hence enjoy a higher quality of life.

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