Course practical sessions / Medical history

All students are expected to act as models for practical sessions. Please note that during the course you will work as a pair with another student and must be prepared to be worked on as a model. If for health reasons you cannot act as a model you will not be permitted to attend the course. A refund may be given subject to circumstances and CEO approval.

As part of our duty of care to everyone participating, a past medical history form will be sent to you to be completed and brought to the course for the tutor to see before practical sessions. Information supplied will be treated confidentially and shared only among the course faculty. At the end of the course, forms will either be returned to the relevant student or shredded. The completed Medical History form is the property of the student who completes it and they should retain it at all times other than when it is handed to the tutor before a practical session.

SCCO Course Providers

All SCCO courses are run by a resident Course Director, who is an Osteopath and a member of the SCCO Faculty. Pathway courses are delivered by SCCO Faculty and may be supported by guest speakers. Short courses are usually delivered by a visiting guest lecturer.  SCCO Faculty members all hold recognised osteopathic qualifications but may not be GOSC registered osteopaths.


All students are responsible for arranging full professional indemnity insurance which covers them for the country in which they are studying and for the full duration of the course. The SCCO reserves the right to withhold admittance to any student not adequately insured.

Sharing personal information

The SCCO is often asked for contact details of other attending the same course. If you do not wish for your details to be shared in this way please inform the office at the time of booking.


If you are unable to attend the course please call the relevant course venue.

Course cancellation

BY YOU: A refund on (non-deposit) fees can be made up to six weeks prior to the commencement of the course. Please note that your deposit payment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a course, the deposit can be transferred to another SCCO course at our discretion; this cannot be done repeatedly. If you wish to request a move of your deposit, you will need to decide which course you are transferring to at the time of the original cancellation.

BY US: Should the SCCO have to cancel a course, any fees paid will be returned in full. Other costs you may have incurred – e.g. travel expenses, accommodation, etc. – unfortunately cannot be reimbursed.

Supply of documents

Since there are no postal or banking services at or near the office, we prefer electronic transactions. A standard handling fee of £4/€5 applies to items requiring postage or branch banking; this is in addition to item-specific banking, postage/packing costs.

Payment discrepancies

The SCCO tolerates a margin of error of +/- £5. This frequently arises through differences in exchange rates between payment and receipt dates. We neither invoice nor refund for these differences.

Dietary requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to advise the SCCO office of any reasonable* dietary requirements for each course attended and within six weeks of the start date. These are not held by the office even if students have undertaken courses with us previously. If you have not specified any dietary needs then the office will assume you have no specific requirements. For late bookings, the office will make every effort to accommodate dietary requirements but cannot guarantee that these can be met if notification is given within 48 hours of the course start.

*Please contact us if you require any further clarification.