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M9: The First Year of Life


1 – 4 APRIL 2022 STROUD, UK
Gives you a sound basis on which to build your paediatric knowledge and prepares you to practice safely and examine your young patients with confidence and with a deeper appreciation of this extraordinary journey from embryo to childhood.


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We all started life in utero, have been born and had a childhood. This experience along with our genetic programming makes us who we are. The events of this crucial period prime our body for adulthood and also shape our anatomy and functional body on many levels.

To understand the journey of childhood allows us as osteopaths to understand how the adult body has developed. It is hugely exciting to be able to use this knowledge to help a baby and child to grow in such a way that their own unique body can function to its full potential and minimise problems in later life.

For example when you know that the occiput is in 4 parts at birth and that the condyles on the occiput each are in two parts you can begin to understand how a long and difficult labour can lead to strains within the occipital condyle joints that lead the baby to be very uncomfortable. If this area does not re-mould successfully the repercussions may be felt even into adulthood. This course allows you to identify with the child’s unique anatomy and teaches the techniques that work to improve the function to allow healthy development. Childhood is at time of mighty dynamic change that we need to understand and harness within our work as osteopaths.

Sutherland said: “as the twig is bent so the tree doth incline“. We need the knowledge to change the twigs so the body grows in a good functional form. You can only do this when you understand the development process and how it can be knocked off course.

Paediatrics is a huge subject but three days gives us the chance to study embryology, the effects of birth on the infant form and the changes and development in the first year of life. It is a spring board for the more detailed study on our Diploma course in paediatrics.

This course is mandatory for anyone wishing to take Paediatric Pathway weekends.

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Course Director:

Hilary Percival


You must have successfully completed Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

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Start date: 01/04/2022

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