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Rule of the Artery


29 SEP – 1 OCT 2023 STROUD, UK
This ‘game-changing’ course will focus on the clinical application of the Rule of the Artery approach and will have a significant effect on how you help your patients.


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The heart is not a pump!

We are delighted to announce that the next Rule of the Artery Course will be running in the autumn of 2021. This profound and exciting course will have a significant effect on how you can help your patients. The focus of the course will be on the clinical application of this approach, teaching you to help your patients via enhancing the nutritional supply to, and the toxic removal from any body tissue. Many past students have considered the course “a total game changer” in how they work.

This next course will have a higher level of practical content, than previous years to ensure your skill development is facilitated by our very experienced faculty, all of whom have used this approach extensively in their practice for many years.

Here are just some of the exciting topics which will be discussed and experienced at the treatment tables:

  • The heart is not a pump!
  • How the aorta is the spinal ‘walking stick’. We look at how the aorta will cause a degenerative posture if its mechanics become disturbed by the ‘pulling of the heart strings’.
  • Enhancing the activity of the vertebral arteries to improve the physiology of any spinal segment – discs, facet issues, ligaments, or associated muscles.
  • Releasing the kinks in the garden hose! Mechanical forces in the body can and do disturb the fluid flow in the blood vessels just as a kink in your garden hose reduces the flow out of the end.
  • The serious consequences of venous stasis and how common it is within many of our patients.
  • Compressed sacrum’s – sometimes they are a manifestation of venous stasis within the bone and not a bony compression like we usually assume!
  • Experiencing how the lungs affect every cell of the body
  • Feeling how the 4 arteries supplying the brain influence its physiology, and the clinical consequences if they are not working as they should.
  • Lymphatic drainage and how to enhance its drainage into the venous system

If you would like to revolutionise the way you help your patients, this could be just the course for you!

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Successful completion of Module 2 plus 2 other Pathway course (3 days\' or more)

Event Details

Start date: 29/09/2023

End date: 01/10/2023

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Hawkwood College

Coordinates: 51.75721859999999,-2.2095527000000175