Rule of the Artery: Using it in Practice

Rule of the Artery: Using it in Practice
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This day is aimed at helping anyone who has taken the Rule of the Artery course and who would like to get more experience and understanding on how to help their patients.

Take a moment to consider these questions:

  1. Do you work with the circulation with just a few of your patients, but would like to use it more often – if you had more ability?
  2. Did you find the course you attended intriguing but never developed the confidence to use the approach very much with your patients?
  3. Do you use this approach quite often, but you now have further questions you would like to ask the faculty?
  4. Do you wish to deepen your skills of directly working with the arteries, veins and lymphatic system?
  5. Would you like to refresh your knowledge gained on the Rule of the Artery course so that it is “more at your fingertips” in your clinic?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this ‘Rule of the Artery in Practice’ day is designed ‘just for you’. On the day, we will be helping you to be able to use the knowledge of working directly with the circulation to help patients as much as possible. We will be having the whole U.K. faculty there to help you at the tables, to ensure your skills and your knowledge will be ready to increase your therapeutic skills in this manner.

We look forward to seeing you.

  • We will be revising aspects of the course with questions and answers to/from the faculty.
  • Much of the day will be ‘hands on-at the tables’ with close tutor guidance, to maximise your skills at helping your patients.
Eligibility: Rule of the Artery: Level 1 (minimum)
Location: UCO, LONDON
Price: £165 (non-res)
Duration: 1 day
CPD: 8 hours
Frequency: Occasional
Leader: Tim Marris

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What our students say about Rule of the Artery courses

«Interesting and thought provoking theory technique applicable to practice. Inspiring information from all tutors.»

«The course added a new dimension to my approach to treatment I found the lectures incredibly interesting and learnt a lot of new facts.»

«Tutoring was excellent, attentive and careful without pressurising students. Great lectures and media presentation. Beautiful venue, great food.»

«Lecture content highly relevant to practice, workshop built on lecture content in step wise manner [and] the whole has proved relevant to enhanced practice skills.»

«The teachers had great knowledge and experience and the desire to share it in a comprehensible way. I felt supported, inspired and safe. The theory and practice of this refined art is one of the most magical concepts that I have ever encountered. The venue is a beautifully tranquil place for a learning environment.»