Global Talking Heads: Jeremy Gilbey in conversation with Julie Fendall
Duration: 21:59

Global Talking Heads
Julie Fendall DO, Msc Paed Ost with Jeremy Gilbey

August 2022

Julie trained at the BSO and was a member of the New England Old England study group, learning with Rollin Becker, Frank Willard, Jane Carreiro and Anne Wales. Now based in Australia, she specializes in treating pregnant women, mums and babies. She discusses her treatment approach, “take your time” she says, and build “a diverse network of professionals” to refer to. 

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Global Talking Heads is a series of videos on a variety of osteopathic topics. Each one is a conversation between a member of the SCCO Faculty and a highly experienced international osteopathic colleague discussing a variety of subjects and sharing some fascinating memories of life in practice.

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