LIMITED / FULL: Osteopathie im Kranialen Bereich, M2 (DE, 21 JAN); Foundation Course, M1 (UK 2 FEB)|

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Respiratory & Cardiology [P5]

In this course we explore how we can access the anatomy and therefore the physiology, both of which may be of great importance to a child’s comfort and health.
Part of the Paediatric Pathway.

2–3 FEB 2019

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In Reciprocal Tension [M5]

Develop your palpatory awareness of the connective tissue throughout the whole body, discover the secrets of the body’s structural tensegrity and explore how this may influence treatment of your patients.

15–17 FEB 2019

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Medicina Osteopatica [M3]

Este curso es holístico y regresa a los legados de Still, Sutherland y Littlejohn. Generando confianza en el tratamiento de una amplia gama de condiciones; ampliando nuestro enfoque a la práctica clínica.

5 ABR 2019

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Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy

A leading provider of CPD and postgraduate training in cranial osteopathy. The SCCO offers the highest standard of training and the first recognised qualification in cranial osteopathy. 

All osteopaths listed on our 'Find an Osteopath' feature have trained with the SCCO. Members (MSCCO) have completed basic level training and Fellows (FSCCO) are experts who have completed extensive training with the SCCO.

Entry Level Courses

Foundation Course [M1]

Perfect for anyone who is curious about the anatomy and function of these areas and would like to discover more about the five principles of osteopathy.

Module 1: Foundation Course

Osteopathy in the Cranial Field [M2]

Introducing the key concepts of the five phenomena as a way of studying and understanding the body as a whole.

Module 2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

Balanced Ligamentous Tension [M4]

An excellent way to introduce working with the involuntary mechanism into your clinical practice. You will learn Sutherland’s gentle, precise and effective approach to treatment of joints in the whole body using the therapeutic principle of Balanced Ligamentous Tension.

Module 4: Balanced Ligamentous Tension

New Bursaries

Limited number of bursaries worth £150 (€150) off Module 2 available to new graduates.


21 JAN: Osteo./Kranialen Bereich [M2]


MODUL 2: Dieser Kurs gibt einen Überblick über das gesamte kraniale Konzept un beinhaltet alle Schlüsselbereiche. Jedes Thema wird in weiterführenden Modulen detaillierter behandelt. MODUL 2+: Zur Vertiefung und Vorbereitung für die Module 5-8 ist in Deutschland die Wiederholung von Modul 2 als Modul 2+ verpflichtend.

WANN 21-25 Januar 2019 für 5 Tage
WOHER Bernried
MIT Alison Brown
PREIS €1,850 (inkl.) CDP: 40 hrs

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2 FEB: Respiratory & Cardiology [P5]


The respiratory system adapts to the post natal environment and grows in proportion to the rest of the body. The whole system makes huge changes peri-nataly and in the first few years of life. This is also the system that gets sick frequently with colds and viruses.
Part of the Paediatric Pathway.

WHEN 2-3 February 2019 for 2 days
WHERE Hawkwood College, Stroud
WITH Mark Wilson & Hilary Percival
COST £599 (res) CDP: 16 hrs

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15 FEB: In Reciprocal Tension [M5]


Sutherland advised us to “treat the spaces not the structures”. What did he mean by this? Develop your palpatory awareness of whole body interconnectedness, discover the secrets of the body’s structural integrity and explore how this may influence treatment of your patients!

WHEN 15-17 February 2019 for 3 days
WHERE Hawkwood, Stroud
WITH Pamela Vaill Carter
COST £995 (res) CDP: 24 hrs

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23 FEB: Foundation Course [M1]


This fun and accessible 2-day course will introduce you to the basic embryology, anatomy and function of the cranium, sacrum and related structures by means of mini lectures, worksheets, palpation and group exercises including model making!

WHEN 23-24 February 2019 for 2 days
WHERE Hawkwood, Stroud
WITH Penny Price
COST £275 (non-res) CDP: 16 hrs

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1 MAR: Introduction to Paediatrics [M9]


An Introduction to Paediatrics aims to give you a sound basis on which to build your paediatric knowledge and will prepare you to practice safely and examine your young patients with confidence and with a deeper appreciation of this extraordinary journey from embryo to childhood. This course is mandatory for anyone wishing to take Paediatric Pathway weekends.

WHEN 1-4 March 2019 for 4 days
WHERE Hawkwood, Stroud
WITH Hilary Percival
COST £1350 (res) CDP: 32 hrs

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6 MAR: Osteopathy/Cranial Field [M2]


Our flagship course! This 40- hour course is an overview of the whole cranial concept, covering all the key areas and includes treatment approaches that you can use immediately in practice. Each topic is then developed in more detail in the other courses on the pathway. This course is non-residential.

WHEN 6-10 March 2019 for 5 days
WHERE Columbia Hotel, London
WITH Tajinder Deoora
COST £990 (non-res) CDP: 40 hrs

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11 MÄR: Der Funke im Motor [M7]


Dieser spannende Kurs untersucht die Kunst und Wissenschaft der Osteopathie im Hinblick auf das Nervensystem, den Liquor mit seinen subtilen Fluktuationen und die bioenergetische Kommunikation über die Flüssigkeitsfelder des Körpers.

WANN 11-13 März 2019 für 3 Tage
WOHER Proitze
MIT Rowan Douglas-Mort
PREIS €1,350 (non-res) CDP: 24 hrs

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16 MAR: Energetic Substrates


New anatomical evidence for the existence of the meridians described in traditional Chinese medicine should be viewed as a missing link in osteopathic theory and methods. An integrated model of osteopathy and energetics elucidates many new relationships between organ, spine, limb and cranial structures. This work represents a fundamentally different approach to altering structure, function and fluid movement.

WHEN 16-17 March 2019 for 2 days
WHERE Hawkwood, Stroud
WITH Chris Laseter
COST £490 (res) CDP: 16 hrs

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