Osteopathic Chain Reaction, 11 September 2020: Eva Möckel in conversation with Clive Hayden
Duration: 12:59

Osteopathic Chain Reaction
Eva Möckel in conversation with Clive Hayden

11 September 2020

Clive was one of the founders of the SCCO and qualified from the BSO in 1977 when Colin Dove was Principal. He took his first cranial course with Harold Magoun and Rollin Becker and was also influenced by Richard Holding who he describes as “inspirational, a great teacher”. He emphasises that being an osteopath is a learning journey (best shared – marry an osteopath!) and he advises “keeping aware, honest, open to the possibility of questioning what you do”.

Recorded as a virtual meeting.

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Osteopathic Chain Reaction is a series of interviews with experienced SCCO Faculty, discussing their influences and development as osteopaths.

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