Osteopathy & the Post-Viral Patient

Osteopathy & the Post-Viral Patient

Special weekend event

Limited availability on this weekend. Please email us for latest information.

Building on existing experience this weekend offers an opportunity to explore and develop skills for the unique challenges post Covid. We will look at how these are both similar and different to other post-viral situations we have been called upon to address in our practices.

We will consider how the body copes with viral loads through the lens of the physiology of Covid. We will explore how we may support healing in the systems often still compromised in the post-viral phase of recovery, particularly looking at the autonomic nervous system, the vascular endothelium, the alveolar interface with the lymphatics and capillary beds, drainage and flow through the lymphatics and venous system. How do we help the individual regain that loss of “vital spark”?

Support will be offered with practicals guided by the lecturers and floating tutors assisting where needed.

The course will provide an opportunity to connect with osteopathic colleagues to share experiences and gain mutual support in what has been a challenging time for both us and our patients as we have been dealing with our own unique situations as well as collective stress and fear.

Eligibility: Module 2 + 2 Pathway courses
Location: Hawkwood, STROUD
Price: £240 (non-res)
£250 (res, share) £290 (res, single)
Duration: 2 days
CPD: 16 hours
Frequency: N/A
Leader: Zenna Zwierzchowska & Susan Turner

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