Location: Hawkwood, STROUD
Duration: 2 days
Leader: Hilary Percival & Mark Wilson
Frequency: Every 2 years
Eligibility: Completion of Module 9
CPD: 16 hours
Young girl receiving osteopathic treatment

The healthy early development of the brain and nervous system has a huge and lifelong impact on the capacity of the individual to fulfil their potential in all aspects of their being.

This fascinating weekend will cover essential critical areas to be aware of in the progressive development of the CNS, and with our guest speaker we shall explore assessment of primitive reflexes and their relevance in paediatric osteopathic practice.

Excellent support in 1:4 tutor groups will help you to refine your knowledge and hands on skills in the sensitive osteopathic management and treatment of infants, children, and teenagers who have difficulties in these areas.

It is expected that you are already treating children in your own practice. A current Enhanced DBS certificate and Safeguarding of Children level 2 or above (or equivalent from the country in which you reside and practice) is required; a copy of which should be supplied to our office.

SCCO Course Providers: All SCCO courses are run by a resident Course Director, who is an Osteopath and a member of the SCCO Faculty. Pathway courses are delivered by SCCO Faculty and may be supported by guest speakers. Short courses are usually delivered by a visiting guest lecturer.  SCCO Faculty members all hold recognised osteopathic qualifications but may not be GOSC registered osteopaths.

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Forthcoming opportunities to take P2: Neurology I

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Helen Terentjev, MSc Paed. Ost.

Helen studied Osteopathy at the Osteopathic Centre for Children and the London School of Osteopathy and gained her first Paediatric Qualifications (MD) from the Second Moscow State Medical School.

She is particularly interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and as part of her neuromuscular rehabilitation work (in conjunction with educationalists in Teach First, CCCU), Helen has conducted a number of studies on motor-dysgraphia in secondary and primary school children.

She enjoys her role as an educator and having the opportunity to be guest-lecturer in paediatrics to post-graduate osteopaths within SCCO. Together with colleagues, she is currently developing more postgraduate and public courses in postural development, and writing a book on baby handling skills for optimal postural development.



What our students say about P2: Neurology I

“Loved the case studies from the lecturers, brings to life the theory. Great practical sessions with tutors, love the fact that each tutor brings their experience and techniques.”

“Content and quality of teaching were excellent”

“Many thanks, it was a brilliant weekend.”