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  • P6: Gastrointestinal Tract & Kidney

    29 – 30 JUNE 2019 STROUD, UK
    Osteopaths find the gut to be a well-developed weathervane of the health in babies and children. It is as though the…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P0: Diploma Access Day

    This single day introduces the Diploma and is an essential first step to completing the Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma.

    £200.00£289.00 Book Course
  • P1: Obstetrics

    2 – 3 NOVEMBER 2019 STROUD, UK
    Conception and pregnancy commences an intimate relationship between the mother and child. Any influences upon these processes, may directly, or…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P2: Neurology I

    1 – 2 FEBRUARY 2020 STROUD, UK
    Familiarity with neurological developmental milestones and their interpretation enables assessment of age-appropriate development and alerts to the possible warning signs.

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  • P3: Orthopaedics

    25 – 26 APRIL 2020 STROUD, UK
    The developing skeleton is plastic. Vulnerable growing points are open to distortion yet it is these that can give valuable access…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course