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  • P2: Development Windows & Early Deficits

    1 – 2 FEBRUARY 2020 STROUD, UK
    This fascinating weekend covers the healthy early development of the brain and nervous system examining its huge and lifelong impact…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P3: Growing a Frame

    25 – 26 APRIL 2020 STROUD, UK
    In this interesting weekend we will study the extraordinarily beautiful developmental processes which give rise to the growth of our skeletal…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P0: Diploma Access Day

    This single day introduces the Diploma and is an essential first step to completing the Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma.

    £200.00£289.00 Book Course
  • P4: Developing Brain & Emergent Behaviours

    5 – 6 SEPTEMBER 2020 STROUD, UK
    In this fascinating weekend we will study the expression of normal development and behaviour, and compare this with problems and…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P5: Establishing Oxygenation & Vascular Flow

    27 – 28 FEBRUARY 2021 STROUD, UK
    In this exciting weekend we will engage with the growth, development and refinements that take place in the lungs and…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P6: Abdominal Motions

    5 – 6 JUNE 2021 STROUD, UK
    In this interesting weekend aided by our guest speaker we look at the development and function of the gut, kidneys,…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course