M7: Spark in the Motor


24 – 26 JUNE 2022 STROUD, UK
This  exciting course explores the art and science of osteopathy addressing the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and the subtle fluctuations and bioenergetic communication throughout the fluid fields of the body.


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We shall study Sutherland’s fluid management approaches in detail and increase our knowledge and understanding of two of his five phenomena: the motility of the CNS and the fluctuation of the CSF.

The focus will be on refining our understanding of the integrated role of the CNS and CSF with the bodywide fluid function of the IVM and its relationship to health. We shall improve our factual knowledge, develop enhanced ‘centreing’ skills, and clarify our understanding of ‘stillness’ and ‘potency’ both in relation to the practitioner and the living processes within our patients. This will improve our palpatory, diagnostic and treatment skills, not only relating to these areas but to whole body function.

What can you do for your patient when the expression of involuntary motion is poor, or the tissue vitality so low that general health issues, systemic, traumatic and neurological problems, as well as ordinary musculo-skeletal dysfunctions do not respond easily?

Rollin Becker said that ‘sick tissues don’t make good corrections’. For these patients the use of cooperative fluid management approaches such as ‘fluid drives’, CV4, EV4, or lateral fluctuation to improve tissue vitality can be a very effective treatment approach.

What did Sutherland mean when he used descriptive language to describe his palpatory experiences, such as ‘directing the tide’, ‘spark in the motor’, ‘liquid light’, or ‘the fluid within the fluid’? This course will balance the study of Sutherland’s teachings on CNS and CSF with exciting modern research that develops our understanding of the structure and physiology in these areas, and informs clinical osteopathic practice.

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Course Director:

Tajinder Deoora


Completion of Module 2

Event Details

Start date: 24/06/2022

End date: 26/06/2022

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Hawkwood College

Coordinates: 51.75721859999999,-2.2095527000000175