Rollin Becker Memorial Lecture, 2023


SPEAKER: Dr. Donald Hankinson.
This lecture focuses on the wisdom and legacy of Dr Rollin Becker.


2 December 2023

Regent’s Park Conference Centre, London

£20 : 2 hours CPD

Due to sound issues during the latter part of the recording, subtitles have been embedded throughout the presentation to ensure impact is minimised.

Rollin Becker devoted his life as an Osteopath to learning how Health is delivered within a Living Human Mechanism. The aim of this Rollin Becker Memorial Lecture is to explore some of the wisdom of his legacy. In a letter to his friend and colleague, Anne Wales DO, he offered the following observation:

“There is a tremendous difference between talking about the Breath of Life in the Science of Osteopathy and putting it to work on a consistent basis in every patient with every treatment.”

This then, is the task with which we are presented. Fortunately, Dr Becker also identified Osteopathic Principles and guides to Practice which can help us on our way towards making this possible in our work. Among these are:

  • the importance of rediscovering a capacity for truly listening
  • the essential importance of discovering the patient’s ‘Pattern of Health’
  • Stillness as a motive force in Healing
  • total reliance on the physician within the patient as his or her ‘Silent Partner’ and its communication with our own

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