SCCO Magazine, Summer 2019


SCCO Magazine, Issue 41

Summer 2019 – Experiencing Stillness

Edited by Mark Wilson


Content Highlights

  • The Limbic System by Orianne Evans
  • The Rule of the Artery by Mary Monro
  • Osteopathy: A Safe and Successful Treatment (OSTINF Study) by Eva Möckel
  • Baby Check, Bath by Peter Cockhill
  • Is the Mechanism Shy? by Colin Dove
  • Experiencing Stillness by Peter Armitage
  • 12th Rib and Lumbo-Costal Arches by Susan Turner
  • Tensegrity by Lis Davies
  • Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux by Gayle Hocking
  • Insights into Inflammation by Liz Hayden

…plus case studies, course reviews and more – as well as updates and reports from the SCCO

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