The SCCO Data Collection

Research Report


This SCCO research project was accepted by the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014 and published in 2015

Abstract Background:

There is very little published information on the practice of osteopaths using osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF) in the UK today.


To describe the practice of UK osteopaths using OCF who are affiliated with the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy (SCCO); create a profile of their patients; their reasons for seeking treatment; the treatment approaches used; and reported responses to treatment. 


The majority of patients were seeking a particular approach to osteopathic treatment. Babies or infants and those aged over 70 comprise a substantial group of patients. The majority of patients presented with musculoskeletal complaints. Adverse treatment reactions appeared to be transitory in nature. Many patients reported a significant reduction in symptom severity scores following an average of three treatments. Without a control group, we cannot attribute direct causality to this finding. Further testing of the patient-reported symptom severity Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) as a promising outcome tool in this context is warranted. 

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