Hidden Treasures Conference 

The Reticular Formation and Central Sensitization: An Osteopathic Perspective (Casper Hull)

Validating Palpation in Research (Jane Stark)

 Osteopathic Manual Treatment in Women with Endometriosis-Related Pain (Ute Schneider Milo)

Cranial Osteopathy, Infantile Colic (Anne Jaekel) 

Sham Treatment and Controls in Research (Carol Palmer)

Breastfeeding and it's Influence on the Infant Skull (Gunn Kvivik)

The SCC Data Collection Study (Clive Hayden)

Training Palpation: The Osteopath's Case (Bruno Ducoux)

Osteopathic treatment in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Frank Scheuchl)

A.T. Still's Fascia (Jane Stark)