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  • M8: The Functional Face

    13 – 15 MARCH 2020 STROUD, UK
    Is the face the missing link in our treatment? How does the face influence the body-wide health of our patients? In…

    £895.00£995.00 Book Course
  • M2: Osteopathy in the Cranial Field

    23 – 27 MARCH 2020 LONDON, UK
    This 40-hour course is an overview of the whole cranial concept, covering all the key areas and includes treatment approaches that…

    £990.00 Book Course
  • M4: Die peripheren Techniken Sutherlands

    Der kranielle Ansatz von Dr. W.G.Sutherland ist vielen bekannt und vertraut. Das er einen Behandlungsansatz für den ganzen Körper…

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  • P3: Growing a Frame

    25 – 26 APRIL 2020 STROUD, UK
    The developing skeleton is plastic. Vulnerable growing points are open to distortion yet it is these that can give valuable access…

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  • M4: Balanced Ligamentous Tension

    7 – 11 MAY 2020 STROUD, UK
    This course is an excellent way to introduce working with the involuntary mechanism into your clinical practice. You will learn Sutherland’s…

    £1,150.00£1,400.00 Book Course
  • M1: Foundation Course

    16 – 17 MAY 2020 LONDON, UK
    Perfect for anyone curious about the anatomy and function of these areas and would like to discover more about the…

    £275.00 Book Course
  • Supporting Fertility: Osteopathic Approaches

    6 – 7 JUNE 2020 STROUD, UK
    This course explores the osteopathic concepts that underpin the support we can offer to couples who have difficulty conceiving. We…

    £390.00£490.00 Book Course
  • M2: Osteopathie im Kranialen Bereich

    Dieser Kurs gibt einen Überblick über das gesamte kraniale Konzept un beinhaltet alle Schlüsselbereiche.

    Buchung von Kursen: Um einen Kurs…

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  • M3: Osteopathic Medicine

    25 – 28 JUNE 2020 STROUD, UK
    This truly holistic course returns to the legacies of Still, Sutherland and Littlejohn to place us on the ‘rock of reason’…

    £1,100.00£1,350.00 Book Course
  • M1: Foundation Course

    4 – 5 JULY 2020 BATH, UK
    Perfect for anyone curious about the anatomy and function of these areas and would like to discover more about the…

    £275.00 Book Course
  • P0: Diploma Access Day

    This single day introduces the Diploma and is an essential first step to completing the Paediatric Osteopathy Diploma.

    £200.00£289.00 Book Course
  • P4: Developing Brain & Emergent Behaviours

    5 – 6 SEPTEMBER 2020 STROUD, UK
    The second neurology weekend considers possible osteopathic explanations to the aetiologies of behavioural/sociological problems encountered in childhood.

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • Part 2: Biodynamic Embryology, Clinical Applications

    Part 2: An exploration of the clinical application of biodynamic embryology for patients of all ages. Growth dynamics and embryo…

    £390.00 Book Course
  • M8: Das Funktionelle Gesicht

    Dieser Kurs vertieft und erweitert die Möglichkeiten Ihrer osteopathischen Behandlung. In diesem Kurs geht es um Augen, Ohren, Nase und Rachen…

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  • M5: In Reciprocal Tension

    19 – 21 FEBRUARY 2021 STROUD, UK
    Develop your palpatory awareness of whole body interconnectedness, discover the secrets of the body’s structural integrity and explore how this…

    £895.00£995.00 Book Course
  • P5: Establishing Oxygenation & Vascular Flow

    27 – 28 FEBRUARY 2021 STROUD, UK
    The respiratory system adapts to the post-natal environment and grows in proportion to the rest of the body. This course…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • P6: Abdominal Motions

    5 – 6 JUNE 2021 STROUD, UK
    The gut is a well-developed weathervane of the health in babies and children. It is as though the gut is…

    £549.00£599.00 Book Course
  • M7: Spark in the Motor

    25 – 27 JUNE 2021 STROUD, UK
    This  exciting course explores the art and science of osteopathy addressing the nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and the subtle fluctuations and…

    £895.00£995.00 Book Course
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  • SCCO Magazine, Summer 2019

    SCCO Magazine, Issue 41
    Summer 2019 – Experiencing Stillness

    Edited by Mark Wilson

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