Location: Columbia Hotel, LONDON
Price: £395* (non-res)
Duration: 2 days
Leader: Lesley Griggs & Conference Team
Frequency: N/A
Eligibility: Open to all osteopaths (see note below)
CPD: 16 hours

*Discount available to paid Members and Fellows

If you are not registered with the General Osteopathic Council but are interested in attending please contact the SCCO office before booking.

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“The best and most Beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”

~ Helen Keller

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce our next conference ‘The Intelligent Heart’ . During this weekend of lectures, personal journeys and workshops we will be exploring the magnitude of the heart’s reach from its its biokinetic journey within us to its cultural symbology, including its place in eastern medicine; and delving into its embryology, anatomy, regulation and place within the circulation as a whole.

A wonderful group of speakers from disciplines including osteopathy, cardiology and Chinese medicine will help to deepen our appreciation and understanding of the many facets of this remarkable and complex organ as we examine the capacity of the human heart to communicate and its influence on our physical, physiological, emotional and social wellbeing.

This course is non-residential but lunch and refreshments on both days is included in the price.

Open to all osteopaths. If you are not registered with the General Osteopathic Council but are interested in attending please contact the SCCO office before booking.

SCCO Course Providers: All SCCO courses are run by a resident Course Director, who is an Osteopath and a member of the SCCO Faculty. Pathway courses are delivered by SCCO Faculty and may be supported by guest speakers. Short courses are usually delivered by a visiting guest lecturer.  SCCO Faculty members all hold recognised osteopathic qualifications but may not be GOSC registered osteopaths.

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Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Nicola Ley

Nicola Ley (Nicola Pooley)
BSc, BA, MA, PGCE, Dip. Shiatsu MRSS (T)

Nicola loves to teach Chinese Medicine and Energy work through the medium of Qigong. Nicola discovered Shiatsu in Tokyo in 1978. She has studied and taught and practiced Shiatsu since then.

She started practicing Qigong in 1986 and has practiced almost every day since. In 2001 she studied Hua Gong with Dominic Hill, who has transformed her practice. He helped her take some of the Qi of her practice for herself rather than putting it all in a deposit account.

She is also an artist and loves to teach workshops where people paint the energy around them.

Nicola is the author of Shiatsu in a Nutshell and has produced a Qigong CD – Energy work, and a DVD with Carola Beresford-Cooke – Helping Ourselves Heal.

Mary Monro

Mary graduated from the BSO in 1999, winning the Silver Medal as best student in her year.

She has completed the SCCO Pathway and the seven-phase Biodynamic Osteopathy curriculum, as well as gaining an MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy.

She has been a member of Faculty of the SCCO since 2007.




Full list of Conference speakers…

Nicola Ley
Susan Turner Jane Easty
Peter Armitage Orianne Evans
Liz Hayden Jeremy Gilbey
Mary Monro Tim Marris

Conference Workshops

Sign up for your selected workshops will be on a first-come-first-served basis, opened on the morning of each day.

DAY 1: Saturday 11 June

Jane Easty Exploring the biokinetic journey of the heart
Nicola Ley The energy fields of the heart
Orianne Evans An osteopathic approach to the cardiac autonomic nervous system

DAY 2: Sunday 12 June

Liz Hayden Exploring the different qualities of the circulation
Tim Marris The layers of the pericardium
Mary Monro The nervous system of the fluid body



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