SCCO Courses

The SCCO runs a wide range of courses in UK and in Europe that cater for all levels of ability from those new to cranial osteopathy, to advanced studies. Although our teaching is based in the cranial approach to osteopathy, there is a strong focus on integrating this into a whole body approach to osteopathy as taught by A T Still.

Courses are open to anyone with a degree in osteopathy subject to the individual entry requirements for each course. Our whole approach is based around flexibility. After Module 2, the modular courses that make up the SCCO Pathway of training can be taken in any order, and also be taken individually without being part of the Pathway, allowing you to select any course that sparks your interest and meets your learning needs. We also run courses, conferences and events that are unrelated to the SCCO Pathway.

Our courses are consistently highly praised by past students, particularly for the high standard of individual practical tuition.

The SCCO offers 9 modular courses in the field of cranial osteopathy. These are all post graduate level courses.

Prospective Students

We welcome students with previous cranial osteopathic training, please contact the college for more information or if you need accreditation of your prior learning. 

Course Feedback

Across all our courses from January 2016 onwards, 76% of students rated our teaching quality as "Excellent" (22% rated this as "Good").

I sometimes feel isolated in practice, and love coming on SCCO courses to meet up with like minded colleagues who share my passion for osteopathy.

Some of my best learning can come from chatting with colleagues, a passing comment can really change the way I think about something.

The SCCO is like a big family, and courses are a great place to make new friends and meet up with old ones.