Conference: Living Autonomics

ANS function and regulation throughout life

Location: Columbia Hotel, LONDON
Duration: 2 days
Price: £395 (non-residential [£345 Fellows/Members])
Entry criteria: Open to all qualified osteopaths
Next delivery: 8—9 June 2019
Leader: Sibyl Grundberg, Clare Ballard, Christiana Schumacher, Lesley Griggs

From the earliest days of Osteopathy the autonomics have been considered vitally important in the regulation of health and homeostasis.

Modern research has increasingly confirmed this and opened new horizons in our understanding. In particular, recent discovery has revealed the extent to which the ANS has quite different functions at different stages of life.

We feel it is a good time to explore the relevance of current research in the light of our Osteopathic heritage. To this end the conference will offer lectures, discussion, practical workshops, and of course time to meet up with colleagues old and new.


  • Susan Turner
  • Orianne Evans
  • Kok Weng Lim 
  • Pamela Vaill Carter
  • Taj Deoora
  • Mary Bolingbroke
  • Danny Orchard
  • Max Girardin


This course is open to all qualified osteopaths. However those who are not registered with GOsC or who don't have their own insurance are welcome to attend but may not participate in practical elements.

Columbia Hotel

Columbia-FeatImg.jpgThe Columbia Hotel is located in one of London’s most historic neighbourhoods – Lancaster Gate - and stands alongside Hyde Park Gardens. There is quick and easy access by several bus routes and underground stations. The closest underground station is Lancaster Gate, with Paddington Railway Station (which operates the Heathrow Express train service) being a short walk away.

Full details of the venue can be found by clicking here.