Rule of the Artery - Refresher Day

Location: Crista Galli, LONDON
Duration: 1 day
Price: £165
Entry criteria: Rule of the Artery levels 1 or 2
Next delivery: 14 April 2018
Leader: Tim Marris

Do you remember the Rule of the Artery course?
If you do, then you will love this Refresher Day!
If not, then you need to come along!

Following the Rule of the Artery course and Taster Day, we are delighted to announce our Rule of the Artery Refresher Day.

We will be exploring our treatment via the arteries, veins and lymphatics. This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your experiences from the Rule of the Artery course.

We look forward your joining us for a highly refreshing arterial day! 


This course is open to anyone who has attended the 3-day Rule of the Artery course.

Refresher Days:

We all know how our knowledge and enthusiasm tends to wain in the months after taking a course. We tend to forget some of the things we learned or even some of the things we experienced. We usually come home from a course full of ideas on how to implement our new knowledge with our patients, but when it comes to seeing patients we can quickly drift back into our older well trusted manner of working and not utilise our new knowledge as effectively as we would like. We are all very aware of how much new knowledge was compressed into those 3 days. By now...if you are honest you will know just how much you have forgotten with the passage of time.

If the above 'rings your bell' ...then booking on this refresher day is a 'must' for you!

The goal of the day will be to inspire you, to help you pick up where you left off on the last day of the course – keen to use the Rule of the Artery approach more in practice, to experience the therapeutic benefits of this powerful approach with a variety clinical conditions.

On the one-day refresher, Tim Marris will be sharing his experiences and insights along with leading open and frank discussions on the use of this approach in practice. If you have had some fascinating clinical experiences which you would like to share please make a few notes and come and share with the whole group. The day will have a high practical content to ensure maximum benefit.

These group discussions and sharing of experiences by all, will create a fascinating day which will springboard your enthusiasm to working more powerfully with the heart and circulatory system with your patients.