Tongue Tie, Lip Tie & Infant Feeding

Location: British College of Osteopathic Medicine, LONDON
Duration: 2 days
Price: £290 (non-residential [£240 Fellows/Members])
Entry criteria: Module 2 plus 2 other Pathway courses
Next delivery: 7—8 July 2018 
Leaders: Fliss Bertin & Julie-Ann Gillett


Feeding difficulties are a common presenting complaint in babies, the understanding of the role that osteopathy can have in supporting these cases is a dynamic, growing area in which osteopaths can often provide the missing link in working alongside lactation professionals to support breastfeeding mothers and babies experiencing feeding difficulties.

This 16-hour course will be lead by Felicity Bertin and Julie-Ann Gillett. Felicity is an osteopath, trainee lactation consultant trained in tongue-tie division, an NCT breastfeeding peer supporter, and has spent the last few years working almost exclusively with infants with feeding difficulties. 

In this course we will explore the mechanics of both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, common feeding difficulties including the effects of birth trauma, tongue tie and the role of osteopathy in treating and supporting these cases.