Orthopaedics [P3]

Location: Hawkwood College, STROUD
Duration: 2 days
Price: £549 (non-residential) £599 (residential*)
Entry criteria: Module 2 and Module 9 (plus DBS & Safeguarding of Children - see below)
Next delivery: 25—26 April 2020
Leaders: Mark Wilson & Hilary Percival

M9-websiteHeader.jpgThe developing skeleton is plastic.  Vulnerable growing points are open to distortion yet it is these that can give valuable access to the knowledgeable osteopath to relieve disharmony and stress.

Balance of the musculo-skeletal system and optimal function of the peripheral joints is essential to establish neurological balance and wellbeing: for example - unresolved congenital dysfunction in the cervical spine may result in asymmetry palpable throughout the whole body, with lasting influence on development and co-ordination.

A current DBS certificate and Safeguarding of Children level 2 or above (or equivalent from the country in which you reside and practice) is required: a copy of which should be supplied to our office.

What PODees have said...
"The best so far. Seemed to be more structured and more concise. Good intermix of practicals. Felt faculty understand better where we are all coming from and better explained the wider postgrad concepts of osteopathy that they want us to think about."

"Great to be making strong relationships across the country. The review of subject and technique is good. As always Hawkwood came up trumps."

"The practicals were fantastic."