Neurology II: Endocrine & Chromosome [P4]

Location: Hawkwood College, STROUD
Duration: 2 days
Price: £549 (non-residential) £599 (residential*)
Entry criteria: Module 2 and Module 9 (plus DBS & Safeguarding of Children - see below)
Next delivery: 15—16 September 2018
Leaders: Mark Wilson & Hilary Percival

pod4-illus.jpgThe second neurology weekend considers possible osteopathic explanations to the aetiologies of behavioural/sociological   problems encountered in childhood. You will look at how osteopathy can make a difference to behavioural responses and capabilities. It is not possible to know all the many genetic syndromes intimately.

Common principles of osteopathic support will be considered while looking at a few of the common ones we see in osteopathic practice.

A current DBS certificate and Safeguarding of Children level 2 or above (or equivalent from the country in which you reside and practice) is required; a copy of which should be supplied to our office.

What PODees have said...
"I have been able to implement the practical techniques straight into practice. I felt all the tutors were supportive and motivated by our own passion to learn."

"Completely focussed and helpful and enthusiastic tutors."

"Anatomy and physiology of the lambic system followed by practical. It was excellent to explore CNS from this point of view. Anxiety and depression lecture. Thank you for great weekend."