Course Feedback

Feedback from our recent M2 Course shown that 94% of our students rated our courses as "Excellent" or "Good" (66%, Excellent and 28%, "Good").

Student Testimonials 

"I think the SCCO provides excellent postgraduate training with some of the most skilled teachers I have ever met on a postgraduate courses. The supervision is outstanding and just for that alone makes it good value for money, The whole organisation and coordination of the modules is done so well that it is difficult for me to see how it can be any cheaper. It is an honour and privilege to be supported by such an experienced group of teachers."

"From booking so many courses last year I think they are very much worth the money. Other courses may be cheaper but you won't get the same amount of feedback as one tutor for a group of four students is indeed a great luxury. Also you can tell from how the lectures are presented and the tutors are able to accommodate the different needs of each student that they are really passionate about their work and a high amount of preparation goes into these courses. Having done Module 2 twice I can say I've learned so much just from doing it again and I'm already planning to do it a third time because it's really worth it!"

"The course is expensive, but equally I feel that it is excellent value for money. At Leeds M2 2015 we had 6 excellent, highly experienced tutors (and we were lucky also to have 2 lovely trainee tutors) in a residential environment. They all gave generously of their time and experience and created a gentle, nurturing environment that maximised our opportunity for learning. The course was highly organised with a perfect balance of lectures, practicals and personal space. The practicals were rotated so that we each had different tutor with 3 new colleagues each day. The course materials included notes and diagrams to support every aspect of the course, as well as references for further personal exploration. We were given a pdf file with questions to target our pre-course learning a few weeks before the course started, which also had the answers written in further on in the pdf and suggestions for further reading. The welfare and well-being of the students was paramount, and we were respected as colleagues, which made the course atmosphere wonderful. I look forward to the next SCC courses to come."

"This was my third time doing this module - and it won't be the last! Every time I do the course it is like doing a different course - because I am starting from a different point I get different new things out of it and understand old things with a new depth. I love the 'total immersion' aspect of a 5 day residential course - you really get to know other students, so for me that aspect of the cost is well worthwhile. The amount of support for the students makes it a very safe environment in which to work and explore new things. I feel totally confident that the tutor will not allow me to do anything dangerous or harmful, or anyone else to do anything harmful to me, and therefore I can relax and concentrate on getting the most out of the course.

I cannot think of any way that the course could be made cheaper without harming the quality of the experience. If you want the best, you have to be prepared to pay more than the cheapest. The course content is brilliant - so it should be: it has been honed over enough years! But it is the quality of the delivery that enables you to get the most out of it, and that is what you are paying the extra for."

“I sometimes feel isolated in practice, and love coming on SCCO courses to meet up with like minded colleagues who share my passion for osteopathy.”

“The SCCO is like a big family, and courses are a great place to make new friends and meet up with old ones.”

“The standard of lecturing was unbelievably brilliant, the lack of ego among the faculty made learning a sheer joy and was wonderfully inspiring.”

"I LOVE the SCCO. I feel you are doing and teaching real osteopathy. You are a God-send after a formal training!"

Ask an SCCO Student

You may find it helpful to talk who another student who has already completed a course about any concerns you may have. If so, please contact the SCCO office and we shall put you in touch with a student who would be happy to help and share their experiences.